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Dr. Daniel Pompa is an author, health expert, and speaker from Park City, Utah. Dr. Pompa is a recognized national and international health and wellness space leader. A University of Pittsburgh graduate, he founded HealthCenters.com. He is also the name behind the Pompa Program and its cellular protocols.

Dr. Pompa authored the best-selling books Beyond Fasting and Cellular Healing Diet. As a speaker, he regularly appears on stages worldwide, training doctors, healthcare practitioners, and the public about his pioneering cellular methodologies.

Happily married, he is a father of five. He and his family are proud to support various all-important good causes. Away from his work and charitable efforts, the successful family man enjoys numerous hobbies and interests. These hobbies and interests include cycling, reading, researching, and skiing.

Current Roles & Duties:


Dr. Pompa is the Founder of HealthCenters.com, headquartered in Park City, Utah. HealthCenters.com exists to change the world by providing innovative solutions that address global toxicity and the health challenges it causes.

The Utah-based organization's mission is to educate and train doctors, healthcare practitioners, and medical students on the modern-day global toxicity epidemic. Founder Dr. Pompa is HealthCenters.com's chief health evangelist. He is chiefly responsible for leading content and protocol development at the organization.

Led by Dr. Pompa, HealthCenters.com aims to create a community of determined medical and healthcare practitioners trained in its cutting-edge multi-therapeutic approach.

Pompa Program:

Author, health expert, and speaker Dr. Daniel Pompa is the name behind the revolutionary Pompa Program. The Pompa Program is a five-month personalized approach to lifelong health. Phases include detoxification and coaching.

As a part of the program, its founder Dr. Pompa coaches individuals and groups on his cellular principles and protocols. He aims to give those suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome, sensory integration disorders, and other neurotoxic conditions their lives back.

Together, Dr. Pompa and the Pompa Program also produce a range of wholesale herbal, non-histamine supplements via Cellular Solutions. Based on the author and health expert's protocols, products offered by the wholesale supplements company include Core Cellular Detox, Core Cellular Detox Support, and Core Downstream Detox Support.

Education History:

Dr. Daniel is a University of Pittsburgh and Georgia-based Life University graduate. The University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a top-ranked educational institution recognized as one of the world's most innovative universities. It is from the University of Pittsburgh that he holds his bachelor's degree.

He subsequently graduated from Life University's College of Chiropractic in Marietta, Georgia. Life University's College of Chiropractic is a leading holistic health university. The university is committed to helping its students discover their purpose in pursuing chiropractic or holistic health degrees.

Dr. Pompa graduated from Life University's College of Chiropractic second from the top of his class of 150 students. He promptly began his career as a licensed chiropractor, later retiring from chiropractic and establishing HealthCenters.com and the Pompa Program. He is now focused squarely on pursuing his dream of world health.

Personal & Professional Accomplishments:

HealthCenters.com Founder Dr. Daniel Pompa is the author of the best-selling books Beyond Fasting and Cellular Healing Diet. Beyond Fasting: A Cellular Solution to Break Through Weight Loss Resistance, Slow Aging, and Get Well explores how to safely and effectively embark on a five-day water fast.

Beyond Fasting also covers therapeutic fasting in detail, explaining how to prepare the body's cells for the restoration that the fasting process affords. Meanwhile, Cellular Healing Diet: Heal the Cell, Get Well, Lose Weight, and Feel Great delves into how to burn fat and maximize health using three fundamental diet changes.

Dr. Pompa regularly speaks on stages worldwide, where he trains doctors, healthcare practitioners, and the public on the cellular protocols he pioneered. He also hosts a popular podcast and YouTube show.

Professional Skills & Specialties:

Dr. Pompa is a seasoned author, health expert, and speaker with over two decades of experience. Alongside his health and wellness expertise, his skill set and professional specialties include business, leadership, and marketing. Altogether, his many areas of expertise include the following:

• Chronic illness

• Clinical nutrition

• Coaching

• Detoxification

• Functional medicine

• Health education

• Healthcare

• Holistic health

• Leadership

• Lecturing

• Marketing

• Nutrition education

• Nutritional counseling

• Public speaking

• Rehabilitation

• Research

• Small business

• Teaching

• Wellness coaching

Charitable Involvement:

Dr. Daniel Pompa and his family are proud to support various all-important good causes. Among the many charities, nonprofit organizations, and other good causes backed by the health expert and his loved ones is their home church, North Way Christian Community.

North Way Christian Community is a six-campus church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The church is on a mission to positively impact the Pittsburgh region with the hope of the gospel. Its goal is to lead people to know, experience, and follow Jesus.

Over the past 20-plus years, Dr. Pompa has contributed significant time and funds to North Way Christian Community and the other causes he supports. A keen advocate of the importance of volunteering, the family man is proud to have raised his children to have the same approach to philanthropy and helping others as himself.

Personal Life:

After establishing one of Pennsylvania's most successful chiropractic practices, Dr. Daniel fell ill, suddenly plagued by unexplained symptoms. He spent the next five years searching for answers. Suspending his chiropractor's license, he established HealthCenters.com and the Pompa Program.

The University of Pittsburgh and Life University graduate is now a recognized leader in health and wellness across the United States and worldwide. Happily married to his wife, Merily, the pair have five children. They live in Park City, east of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dr. Pompa enjoys various hobbies and other interests when not working, supporting the good causes he is the most passionate about, or spending time with his family. Among his favorite and longest-standing personal passions are hobbies like cycling, reading, researching, and skiing.


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